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Balinese Culture Stories

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Where in Bali?

When you plan on going on a vacation to Bali, you’ll obviously want to experience everything the island can offer to satiate your need for wanderlust. Bali is a hip, colorful, bustling, modernised, yet is still rich in age-old traditions and culture that brings throngs of tourists from around the world. So here’s a little guide to help you choose which area of the island to spend your holiday at–you’re welcome!

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Livin’ La Vida Local

These days, being a tourist is so passé. However, being a traveller is now all the rage and everyone wants to be one. If you google “Tourist Vs. Traveller”, there are hundreds of articles dedicated to make the distinction even clearer. This time, we are not going to spot the differences, instead here is the list on the things you should do if you want to experience Bali as the locals do.