Don’t Miss the 10 Must-do Things in Seminyak While You Are Here

Seminyak is one the classiest beach resorts in Asia. The upscale community has an air of elegance and style that is hard to miss as soon as you start exploring.

But beyond all the elegant restaurants and art galleries that are sure to draw your attention and interest, you also shouldn’t miss the natural beauty encompassed in the surrounding jungles and beaches of Seminyak.

It’s the natural surroundings that first drew people to this unique corner of Bali where they established the community and subsequently made Seminyak what it is today.


Petitenget Temple – the Cultural Landmark of Seminyak

Petirenget Temple, also known as Pura Petitenget by the locals is a beautiful, centuries-old Hindu temple. You should walk up the dragon staircase to enter a large courtyard that is surrounded by a dozen small shrines and pavilions that are all unique and different.

If you are extremely lucky (or plan ahead) you’ll visit during one of the 210-day festival celebrations that occur on a regular basis. During these festivals you will get to watch elaborate dances performed by the locals and see the entire temple dressed up with colourful banners.


Seminyak Beach, Petitenget Beach, Double-six Beach and Echo Beach

While Seminyak Beach, Petitenget Beach and Double-six Beach all typify Seminyak’s wide golden sand and warm water beaches, Echo Beach is unique as it’s one of Bali’s most popular surfing spots due to its advance reef breaks. They are all clean, well-kept beaches, that are all well worth a visit for a morning walk or an afternoon of lazing on a beach chaise under an umbrella. But Seminyak Beach also has the added bonus of being the location of SugarSand Beach Club, making it a prime destination in Bali.

Photo by Alexis Balinoff on Unsplash

Uma Seminyak, Nyaman Gallery and Biasa Art Space

Uma Seminyak is a collection of shops and cafes which together are interested in furthering the Bali art scene.

Nyaman Gallery and Biasa Art Space showcase the best Balinese and Javanese artist’s works along with curated works from overseas up and coming artistic talents. Together, the three locations exhibit some of Bali’s finest artworks and should not be missed by art lovers.

La Lucciola is a Beautiful Place to Enjoy a Mediterranean Lunch

This stunningly beautiful wooden building houses one of the favourite local restaurants on Bali, La Lucciola. Featuring a picturesque view of nearby Seminyak Beach, this restaurant is located right near the Petitenget Temple and serves up an excellent Mediterranean menu with a bit of added Asian spice to it.


When it’s Raining, Head to the Spas for a Day of Pampering

There are several excellent spas right in the Seminyak area. You have your choice of Jari Menari, Sava Spa at Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach, and Sundari Spa. Nothing is quite like listening to the soft, tropical rain while you are enjoying being pampered, Balinese style.


The Seminyak Village is Seminyak’s Only Air-conditioned Shopping Mall

What happens when you can’t find what you need in Seminyak’s eclectic assortment of shops? Head to the shopping mall, of course! Launched in 2015 this is Seminyak’s only air-conditioned mall and the only place you can find high-end, well-known fashion brands, like leather goods from MCM. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the wonderful boutiques and shops along Jalan Raya Seminyak, head to the mall.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash