Must-Have Apps for Bali

Indonesia, Bali especially, has always done things a bit differently from the rest of the world. Their online habits and app usage reflects this and as a tourist to this country, you might notice that the apps you use all the time are not as effective or useful. It never hurts to be prepared for a new place by giving yourself some more options. Here are just some apps that will help you get the most out of your Bali vacation.



There is a reason to ignore Uber or, if you are from Asia, Grab because neither of these is the most popular app in Indonesia. GoJek is a motorcycle taxi-hailing app that is a domestic success story.  One of the best ways to get around Bali cheaply is by taking a motorcycle taxi as it is much cheaper and you can avoid so much traffic. Uber is no longer present in South East Asia and Grab, which has purchased Uber is still a more expensive option than GoJek. GoCar is now available within the GoJek app so if you want to get somewhere in a car, go ahead and choose that option instead.



The social media network that makes Bali look beautiful no matter what time of the year it is. Instagram has been a great place for digging up cool new spots around the island and there are many accounts that deserve a follow. Check out @thebalibible , @guguide , @explorebali , @balifoodies to get a sense of what is happening in Bali and take the list of suggestions ahead. Better yet, check out Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach’s instagram account, @hotelindigobali, for amazing offers on your unique Bali getaway.



Converting money is always a huge issue for most travellers but then when the money is in unfamiliar amounts things become a lot harder to parse. The prices tend to be huge numbers in Indonesia and if you need something to help you out in a pinch, try XE, a currency exchange rate app. XE gives you a very accurate exchange rate and you’ll have a better idea how much each item you want to buy really costs. Don’t let the huge prices confuse you!


Whatsapp or LINE Messenger (BBM works too!)

There is a wealth of options here but chat apps have a lot of utility in Bali as well. There was always a huge pull of Blackberry Messenger users in Indonesia and somehow BBM has still survived the newer chat apps of today. You will still find people who have BBM and they ask for your BBM Pin but at the same time, Whatsapp and LINE have mostly caught up. Whatsapp in particular, is widely used and LINE users will find that LINE is quite popular as well.



Bali and Indonesia as a whole are very big and tourists tend to forget that. You need to get from one island to another in Indonesia and this can be a very arduous task. Thankfully, the Traveloka app is extremely useful for finding modes of transportation such as . Traveloka is another Indonesian success story and they have access to the best deals in the domestic market. You will find getting around Bali and Indonesia is a whole lot easier with the Traveloka app.



TripAdvisor is one of the best places to look up restaurants, bars, tour services, attractions and venues in Bali. Most people are familiar with the TripAdvisor website but the TripAdvisor app has a couple of tricks up its sleeve. For instance, you can download the TripAdvisor reviews for a location, such as Bali, and search for places when your phone isn’t connected to the Internet.  Go on; get all your recommendations downloaded and ready for your big Bali vacation!

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