Don’t erase the island of gods from your holiday bucket list!


Whilst there is some seismic activities of Mount Agung, there is really no need to cancel your holiday plans here in Bali as there are still plenty of things you can do while you’re here. Before that, here are a few information you need to know:
  • Most tourism spots are located in the southern part of the island, which is about 70 kilometres away from Mount Agung. Here is a link to see the potential affected areas should lava flows.
  • Mount Agung will have a direct impact to South Bali if the wind is blowing southwestern side and will affect the airplane.
  • There are many fun things to do around the island, especially here in Seminyak. Hotels are still continuing to welcome guests, and Seminyak’s newest kid on the block is offering great promotions this festive season
Additionally, should you still be worried about the situation of Mount Agung, here are a few things you need to keep your eyes on and may help with your decisions:
And if, while in Bali, you get stuck because of the ash cloud, there are alternatives to your travels:

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With all important information covered and you still decide to enjoy Bali, here are things you can still do around the island in general, and Seminyak in particular.

Retail Therapy

As the fashion central of the island, the stylish boutiques in Seminyak are still open for business. From the local craftsmen shops to the high-end fashion designer boutiques like Paulina Katarina, and shopping mall like Seminyak Village. All are open for your retail indulgence. Best thing yet, most of these places are also offering their annual end-of-year discounts!

Bask In the Sun


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Yes, there are fears of Mount Agung’s ash falls enveloping the whole island, but let this serves as a reminder that presence of ash falls in certain areas are highly dependent on direction and velocity of the wind. Reminders aside, the wind is currently still blowing to the east and southeastern side, hence your sun tanning or sunset sessions here in Seminyak are definitely still going to happen everyday—though not counting Indonesian wet season. Nevertheless, great promotions are popping out around the island like Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach’s Pool Vibe promo

Culinary Tour

Restaurants’ kitchens in Seminyak and the surrounding neighbourhoods are most definitely still cooking. Plates after plates of scrumptious treats are still being served by many of the amazing restaurants on the island. Even locals are still going out at night to grab some bites to eat! So on the food side, nothing to really worry about, except there might be one—having to make a decision on where to eat!

Spa Day

All this volcano talk can be quite stressful. Hakuna matata! The spas in and around Seminyak are still warming up their massage oils and the talented masseuses and masseurs of Bali are in hand to help untie those stress knots around your body. Additionally, just like its retail counterparts, a lot of the spas on the island are offering great discounts! Don’t believe us? Check out Sava Spa at Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach, as they are offering 50% discount on most of their treatments!

Island Exploring

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This is probably the one thing out of the many activities available on the island that you think you wouldn’t be able to do during this kind of situation. Well, dearest travellers, you may have thought wrong. Head up to the northwestern side of the island and you would still be able to bask in the beauty of Bali’s nature. The breathtaking sea of green rice terrace at Jatiluwih is still accessible, the colourful corals of Menjangan island are still available, the majestic Kanto Lampo waterfall is awaiting your visit, and the great temple of Tanah Lot is still opening its gates for you to marvel in their beauty!

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