This is Seminyak: The What, When, Where and Why

Welcome to the most vibrant neighbourhood on the paradise island of Bali where the age-old tradition meets the contemporary, and where local wisdom blends seamlessly with the world’s stylish lifestyle. There are so many things to see, taste and experience around this little beach-side neighbourhood. that one blog post wouldn’t do them any justice. So just to get you started on exploring Seminyak’s amazing lifestyle, here is a guide on what to see and taste, when would be the best time to go, where they are and why.

Sunset Seminyak
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What: Seminyak illustrious sunset

Where: Mesari Beach or Petitenget Beach

When: You better be at the beach at around 4.30 pm when the sun has loosen up its heat and getting ready to sink into the horizon

Why: Err…because you’re in Bali!


What: Contemporary arts by local artists

Where: Nyaman Gallery

When: The gallery opens daily from… to…

Why: See how Bali’s unique culture blends with the contemporary arts


What: Honing your surfing skills

Where: Surf School Bali

When: The school is open everyday, however you have to take the weather into account when taking a class. The best time for you to catch one is during the months between March and August.

Why: Why not? Being able to surf is an awesome skill to have. Besides, you get to have that cool factor, even if you’re only able to ride a small wave. Just remember this mantra: Surfing is surfing, no matter how big—or small—the wave is.

Kayu Aya
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What: Shop till you drop

Where: Kayu Aya Street

When: Whenever you like, but most of the stores and boutiques are open around 10 am until 10 pm.

Why: You’re in the stylish Seminyak. You better look the part.

Pak Malen

What: Sample the local delicacy—suckling pig

Where: Babi Guling Pak Malen

When: The little eatery is located in the Seminyak end of the long and wide Sunset Road. They open daily from 9 am to 6pm. However, it is better to come earlier than lunch time so that you get to sample everything they have to offer. Recommended time would be around 11 am.

Why: This little eatery serves the best Balinese suckling pig (or locally known as babi guling) in the neighbourhood. So might as well jump onto the bandwagon. However, if you’re not used to spicy food, you better steer clear of this place.


Mirror Bali
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What: Dance the night away

Where: Mirror Lounge and Club

When: Mirror is one of the places to be seen in Seminyak. This chic nightclub features a grand cathedral-like structure with glass roof offering views of Bali’s starry nights and grand lighting and laser display throughout the night. Not only that, some of the most hyped DJs on the island also spinning the deck at this stylish venue.

Why: Who would turn down an amazing night full of partying?